The NCDOT Permit Information Management System (PIMS) is designed for processing annual, single trip and superload permits for the transportation of qualifying oversize/overweight vehicles and loads over North Carolina state maintained highways.


Click to access NCDOT PIMS

To apply for permits online, you MUST have a PIMS logon account. To apply for a PIMS logon account, download this form, which is a typable PDF -- we recommend filling the form out on the computer. If the email address(es) are not legible, NCDOT cannot fulfill account requests.

The completed form may be emailed to PIMSaccounting@ncdot.gov, or printed and faxed to 919-662-4320. Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.

NCDOT Oversize/Overweight Permit Unit
750 N Greenfield Parkway
Garner, NC 27529

For questions about Oversize/Overweight permits, please contact the unit directly:

  • For Single Trip Permit: 1-888-574-6683 (option 1)
  • For Annual or Superload Permit: 1-888-221-8166 or 919-814-3700
Fax lines:
  • For Single Trip Permits or Superload Permits: 1-888-222-8347 or 919-662-4320
  • For Annual Permits: 919-662-4318
Normal call-in hours (7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday)

2 News & Updates
  • Application Submittals
    If route submitted by customer passes validation rules, we will issue the permit without additional review. Customers are responsible on making sure they have chosen adequate and appropriate routes. Please avoid routes that pass through primarily residential secondary roads. Loads over legal height will still be reviewed by staff and will be re-routed accordingly.
  • White Listing Emails
    NCDOT is not responsible for customers not receiving NCDOT emails due to customer-employed services.
Generally, in North Carolina a permit is required if:
the vehicle or vehicle combination has been reduced to its smallest dimensions possible and still exceeds the limitations listed below
  • weight exceeds legal weight provided by North Carolina General Statues,
  • total width is over 8’6”,
  • overall height is greater than 14',
  • a single vehicle is over 40’ or vehicle combination is over 60’ in length
    (Exception: truck tractor/53-foot semi-trailer combination with no overall length limitation is allowed on all roads).
Ways to apply for Oversize Overweight permits:
  • Apply online 24 hours a day using the Permit Information Management System (see links on left to login to PIMS);
  • Call the Permits Unit at 1-888-574-6683 (option 1) during normal call-in hours (7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday);
  • Fax a completed permit application:
    • For Single Trip Permits or Superload Permits: 1-888-222-8347, 919-662-4320 or 919-662-4319
    • For Annual Permits: 919-662-4318

Please note that permit applications and renewals are processed in the order received.

Every attempt will be made to process Single Trip applications within the same working day that the applications are received by 3:00 pm EST (loads over 14 feet in height must allow 2 working days). Applications received after 3:00 pm will be processed the following working day.

Superload and Annual applications may require additional time to process.

Forms used by the Permit Unit may be found here, along with other useful information.